The Class of 2023

An incredible list of films and short videos from across the world for The Music Imbizo 2023.

My Culture My Music (South Africa)

My Culture My Music celebrates the unique South African cultural landscapes through music, visiting the past and its influences on the present. Culture gives each of us our identity through ideas, customs and social behaviour. Music is an art form and cultural activity that adds to one’s identity and it is an important form and avenue for personal and group expressions. It is also a reflection of all the historical, political, economic and aesthetic values of culture.

Dont You Go Nowhere (USA)

A jazz dynamo belts his way through his weekly set until he makes an unexpected connection with an audience member in this short film about the power of music over memory.

Mio – For The Love of My Life (Switzerland)

A renowned piano composer has been working tirelessly on his latest piano composition for weeks. During an outdoor lunch break, the wind blows his scores. In a moment of despair, a young lady crosses his path and finds the precious piece. They begin to connect over their shared love of music.

NOZI (South Africa)

NOZI is a family based drama film following a young lady who’s an aspiring singer/songwriter who lost her sick mother and blames her father for her death.

In order to find her own peace and sanity, Nozi gives in to her long time music friend’s idea for them to contest in a musical competition taking place in the city. In their pursuit, they book a studio and record a professional demo to submit but an unexpected disaster happens in the studio, not only changing their plans for the worst but a potential blessing in disguise.

Footsteps – Journey of A Song (Austria)

In “Footsteps – Journey Of A Song” the Grammy-nominated musician and composer Manu Delago takes a look back on his Tyrolean origins, his international career and his love for the mountains. He is accompanied in the film by the British singer Isobel Cope who shares Manu’s passion for both music and mountains. After studying music in Innsbruck, Manu went to London and was soon playing concerts around the world (including tours with Björk, Ólafur Arnalds and Anoushka Shankar). Isobel’s journey was the exact reverse. After working in London in the film industry she moved to Innsbruck following her passion for mountains and climbing.

Chopin – I Am Not Afraid of Darkness (Poland)

An inspiring story about three pianists preparing to perform Chopin’s work in places associated with conflict and unimaginable suffering: Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, the border between South and North Korea, and the city centre of Beirut. You might not expect to hear live music in these locations but music and its healing powers might be exactly what those places need. what emotions will it trigger in those who hear it and those who perform it?

Deal (South Africa)

A young musician realizes that she’s sold her soul after signing a recording deal.

Sandro Cavazza – The Days (Sweden)

In this emotional music video Sandro Cavazza says goodbye to his career as an artist. Affected by his friend Avicii’s (Tim Bergling) passing and after years of doubts Sandro Cavazza made the decision to end his career as an artist before it was too late.

Skool Yah (USA)

A short film about exploitation in the music industry.

(This film was shot in Atlanta, GA)

Director Statement

My intended message with this story is to remind artists, specifically Black hip-hop musicians, to authentically create music no matter what’s commonly considered profitable.

Royal Blue (Brazil)

Music video of Azul Royal I by Juliana Cortes and Jortácio. “Wake up from the cloister, can’t hold it / Flee the royal blue dress”.

Indigo – Revelations In Small Steps (UK)

After touring the world, jazz trumpeter Byron Wallen gathers three friends together to search for a magical new style of music anyone can dance to. With traditional rhythms, numerology and simple melodies, the sound they uncover is more powerful and influential than they could ever have imagined. This is the story of INDIGO, the best band you’ve never heard of.

A Conversation Between Two Artists  (Kenya)

A short documentary exploring the creative lives of two up and coming music producers; One living in Nara, Japan and the other in Nairobi, Kenya.

Beloved Youth of Many Days: Stories about Mlimani Park Orchestra (Tanzania)

Active since 1978, the band Mlimani Park Orchestra (aka Sikinde) has been touted by critics as one of the greatest rhumba bands on the African continent. The band was most recently singled out with a 2022 Honorary Award from the Music in Africa Foundation – a monumental achievement. Three of the original twelve members are still in the group, and several other original members are currently active in bands in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Music Video to the song “ATM” by Yaco.

After a withdrawal from an ATM, Yaco loses his money in his own pocket. Chaos and good vibes follow. Shot on location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Artistic Expression and Mental Wellbeing in the Time of a Pandemic (Senegal / Ghana / UK)

Filmed in Senegal, Ghana and the UK, in conversation with a varied group of creative professionals hailing from countries across Africa, the UK and Europe, the documentary reveals the core, human, universal principles that are the lifeblood of the motivation for artistic expression, creation, exhibition, and performance and the role of artistic expression in mental wellbeing; of the creator, viewer, community and society as a whole.

Music Is My Life (South Africa)

Music is my Life is a compelling documentary about the incomparable Joseph Shabalala, founder of the wildly popular a-cappella singing and dance troupe, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The music, which has won multiple international awards, draws heavily on Zulu harmonies (isicathamiya and mbube) resonant of Shabalala’s traditional roots. The film charts Shabalala’s rise from humble farm origins to international stardom following his collaboration with Paul Simon on the Graceland album. Shabalala’s art was totally bound up with his life; his visions and dreams deeply influenced his work. Later on his deep spirituality found expression in religious music. This is an uplifting film about a South African icon of extraordinary talent and charisma.

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