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About The Conference

About The Conference

The Music Imbizo

The Music Imbizo is an international music business conference, exhibition and film festival. The conference collects various music industry stakeholders under one roof to map the way forward for the music industry in the continent – Africa. It is a platform to exhibit, network, share expertise and knowledge.

Panel Discussions

The panel discussions are the central part of The Music Imbizo. We have speakers from all over the world participating – experts on their own fields sharing their knowledge with delegates. Over 120 speakers/presenters/facilitators will form part of The Virtual Music Imbizo 2021, representing over 50 countries


The Virtual Music Imbizo will be hosting music industry and technology related companies over the six-day conference. The companies will have an opportunity to interact with their potential clientele during and after The Music Imbizo.


The Music Imbizo 2021 is offering a new way of showcasing during the times of COVID. This year, showcasing is about creating opportunities for the musicians to grow their market, earn a performance fee and royalties whilst accessing new territories. Watch the space!


For the first time, The Music Imbizo will be hosting a HACKATHON. An opportunity for the tech industry in the continent to engage directly with challenges in the music industry. The HACATHON will run over three days and will see a number of participants from all over the continent


From Film Scorng, Music Production to Artist Management workshops – The Music Imbizo 2021 has a selection of workshops and master classes aimed at up-skilling and developing key skills in the music industry. Watch out for the full programme of workshops at the beginning of August

MOOT Court

The Music Imbizo MOOT Court is a space where the music engages and debates some key legal issues within the music industry. The platform is meant to also encourage more law students to take-up entertainment law.

The Music Imbizo 2023 Film Festival

The Music Imbizo Film Festival is a celebration of music through the lens of cinema. The festival showcases films that highlight the impact of music on society, culture, and the arts. Featuring a diverse line-up of films, the festival offers audiences a chance to explore the history, influence, and future of music. Attendees can expect to see films that range from documentaries, concert films, and biopics, to fiction films inspired by music.

In addition to film screenings, the festival also features panel discussions, live performances, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and industry professionals. With a focus on music and film, the festival provides a unique platform for audiences to experience the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re a music lover, film buff, or just looking for a fun and culturally enriching experience, this festival is the perfect place for you.

The Music Imbizo 2022 After Movie

The slogan “music is business to my ears” is a play on words that conveys the idea that music is not just an art form, but also a business. Here’s is the break-down of the slogan:

  • “Music”: This refers to the art of creating, performing, and listening to music.
  • “Business”: This refers to the commercial aspect of the music industry, including record labels, publishing companies, concert promoters, and other organizations that make money from music.
  • “To my ears”: This is a common idiom that means “something that sounds good to me” or “something that I like to hear.”

It is with great pleasure to thank you and your team for all the excellent work and arrangements for the successful The Music Imbizo, It was a great time to share with the members we are representing. I real like to congratulate you for the job well done

John Max (NASCAM, Namibia)


Thank you so much for giving Sheer Publishing (Pty) Ltd the limelight, It’s always a pleasure to be part of The Music Imbizo

Karabo Motijoane (Sheer Publishing, South Africa)


First and foremost I must congratulate you for the well-organized Imbizo. I personally liked the simplicity, yet very rich and well thought through program and content

Keitseng Nkah Monyatsi (CIPA, Botswana)

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