Moses Monamodi

Moses Monamodi

Moses Monamodi

Chairperson: IMPRA (South Africa)

Moses Monamodi is the chairperson of the Independent Music Performance Rights Association (IMPRA). He is a trained music engineer, composer and a producer, with a career that started in 1998 as a performing artist. He has since been involved in all aspects of the music industry.

He has served in music transformed board like Moshito(National Body that represents all music associations like SAMRO,SAPMRA,AIRCO,RISA,CWUSA, this structure specialises with Exhibition and Conferencing of the South African music Industry) as an Executive member, He also served at MIFSA (Music Industry Federation of South Africa- it is a structure that represents all key role associations of the music industry i.e promoter associations, recording companies, artist associations, unions, collecting societies) where Dodo is currently serving as a deputy President, MIFSA is an industrial body that represents the creative industry at large,

He is the Former Chairperson of Airco and the President of the Airco Board of Trustees National. Airco Board of Trustees’ primary objective is to raise funds for its beneficiary (Airco Constituency),Dodo managed to secure deals on behalf of his team to sustain the lifespan of many record companies in this Country.He also served in the establishment of the board of Tshwane Tv.
In 2013,the Minister of Arts and Culture Mr Paul Mashatile appointed Dodo Monamodi to serve in the National Local Task Team,the mandate of the structure is to ensure that local content of our Country is being protected and developed.

He is also appointed in the ConFederation called CIFSA (Creative Industry Federation of South Africa)established by the Minister of Arts and Culture,Mr Paul Mashatile to serve as the treasury general of the Federation. CIFSA structure is the biggest structure or the controlling body in the Creative Industry of South Africa because it seeks to represent all players in the Creative Industry ranging from Music Industry,Advertising Associations,Film associations,Craft,Dance,Technical e.t.c.

In the same year 2013 Dodo was appointed to serve in the advisory Board of the Minister of Communications for the next coming five years(2013 to 2017).